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Author of Mighty Ugly, due out in fall 2014. Also, writer and editor, pusher of Mighty Ugly (the workshops), lover of nachos and summer camp.

The long-languishing capybara needs only the final small bits: a nose and ears and limbs! 106/365 #yearofmaking #knitting #giantrodent
My great-grandmother Marion embroidered this decades ago. The more I learn about her, the more I love.
I learned the story tonight of my great-grandparents’ nickel flatware. Apparently, it was a partially repaid debt. No knives! Much to the reported chagrin of my great-grandmother. #passoverstories
Tonight, we make a Seder. 105/365 #yearofmaking
I never thought I’d ENJOY the Staten Island Ferry, but with a three-year-old, any boat is fun! It was mostly empty, and there are LOTS of seats on there. We asked, and were told the boats can hold 6,000 people each! 104/365 #yearofmaking
Compulsively drawing lines while I listen to my kid fall asleep in our hotel room. In May, I’ll finally be able to finish @lisacongdon’s Creativebug class! #jetlag #blerg #iloveny
For my hundredth day (!!), more of the most basic crochet. 100/365 #yearofmaking #crochet #swatch
There’s Air Supply playing as I eat this. #outofnothingatall #win (at Dream Sushi)

How Daycare Changed Everything

I’ve been promising to write about this: How Daycare Changed Everything

I’ve just prepared my taxes for 2013, and that hammered home what I already knew: 2013 was a terrible business year for me. We paid more for childcare than I grossed.

I need to work, and I want to work. When I don’t dedicate a fair amount of my time to ideas outside myself and my home, I go nuts. I feel absolutely zero guilt about this, so don’t gird yourself for a post about parental guilt. I…

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The mad crocheting has begun! 99/365 #yearofmaking #grannysquare #crochet #crafts