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Author of Make It Mighty Ugly, due out in fall 2014. Also, writer and editor, pusher of Mighty Ugly (the workshops), lover of nachos and summer camp.

My mom won Throwback Thursday when she@posted this in Facebook this morning, amiright? It’s from my brother’s Bar Mitzvah. 1993! #tbt
In the light of day, I see this soap is just FINE. Yippee! Check out the mod-style gelling in the centre of the bars. That’s to do with the temperature during saponification. It’s not required, but does result in harder bars. Ok, enough soap photos for a whole, eh? #soap #soapmaking
So, here we have the (irresponsible) soap experiment from yesterday. I attribute the colour partly to hempseed oil (which is very dark and sorta greenish) and partly to honey and the superheating (soap people, am I right about the hempseed oil? I know the honey and heat will darken soap). It’s a very wet(ish) soap, which I think has to do with the other part of the experiment, which was my decision not to use palm oil. Instead, I used olive oil for 45% of the fats, and I know olive oil soaps can take an exceptionally long time to cure. Soap people, is this why the soap sweated more than I’ve seen while in the mould? Aside from the softness of it, nothing seems unusual to me about it, so I’m guardedly optimistic. Until you knowledgeable folks school me otherwise! 239/365 #yearofmaking #soap #soapmaking #chemistry!
Current status of today’s honey soap experiment: greenish due to first-time use of hempseed oil; possibly poured a tiny bit too soon. We’ll see! Clamp and mould in the background is from a nearly completed new mould Greg made me over the weekend; the clamps are in place of bolts he didn’t have on hand but will put in soon. It has some overflow soap in it for some smaller bars. So now I wait to see if it all overheats! I’m ready with the freezer if it does. (Also, I didn’t use palm oil; this is the kind of irresponsible experiment that messes with more than one variable. Whatever.) 238/365 #yearofmaking #soapmaking #bookday

It’s Mighty Ugly Book Day!

It’s Mighty Ugly Book Day! Here’s a whack of info about the book!

Make It Mighty Ugly is out today! If you preordered it, hopefully that means you have it in your lovely hands right now.

Here’s all there is to know about the book, so far:


Library Journal gave it a starred review, saying, “Werker provides a thoughtful look at the internal voices that keep people from expressing their creativity in a book that will work well beyond the crafting world; anyone…

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Appropriate tip-jar note today! (at Smart Mouth Cafe)
I sprung the soap from their moulds this morning, and learned a few things. First, gotta really smoosh the poured soap into the silicone moulds. Second, I managed not to super-heat the block mould as much as I’d feared, so that batch is destined for book-tour host gifts as planned. Yippee! I want to make another batch of honey soap this week to experiment with avoiding both palm oil and superheating. 237/365 #yearofmaking #soap #soapmaking
This is hanging in his room now. Crafty funtimes with @juleslep today! 236/365 #yearofmaking #kidcrafts
Tiny crack is all that remains from the superheating last night. Phew! It’s certainly darkened a lot in colour, but who cares?! I’m going to make another small batch this week to experiment with putting it in the freezer. #soapmaking #soap #chemistry
I was shocked to realize it had been five months since I last made soap. Shocked I tell you. Tonight, @juleslep and I made cocoa butter honey soap, and seem to have applied solid lessons learned during my first attempt at honey soap a few months ago, which involved, shall we say, some runaway chemistry. I’m happy to be back in the soap-making saddle! Also, we did this while, three thousand miles away, my 20th high school reunion was going on. So we listened to a ’90s mix on Spotify. Obviously. 235/365 #yearofmaking #soapmaking #chemistry #diy