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Author of Mighty Ugly, due out in fall 2014. Also, writer and editor, pusher of Mighty Ugly (the workshops), lover of nachos and summer camp.

There’s Air Supply playing as I eat this. #outofnothingatall #win (at Dream Sushi)

How Daycare Changed Everything

I’ve been promising to write about this: How Daycare Changed Everything

I’ve just prepared my taxes for 2013, and that hammered home what I already knew: 2013 was a terrible business year for me. We paid more for childcare than I grossed.

I need to work, and I want to work. When I don’t dedicate a fair amount of my time to ideas outside myself and my home, I go nuts. I feel absolutely zero guilt about this, so don’t gird yourself for a post about parental guilt. I…

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The mad crocheting has begun! 99/365 #yearofmaking #grannysquare #crochet #crafts
Obligatory. #nofilter
Oh, hi.

Craftcation 2014: Amazeballs!

All the reasons I loved @craftcation so very, very much (with photos!):

I’ve been to loads of conferences, and none is like Craftcation. The organizers behind this event have created a magical balance between recreation and education, with so much making. It would take me hours to properly recount my time in Ventura, so I’ll briefly sum up and tell the rest of the story in pictures.

I was there for three days. Not enough time! Next year, if they have me back, I’ll…

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Taking the “DIY” Out of Business

Another businessy post: Taking the “DIY” Out of Business #craftcation14

I’ll write a round-up post about Craftcation soon (it will be filled with love, for the conference was amazeballs), but my friend Isaac Watson just posted a link to a piece that hits on a topic I would have buried in that post, and it deserves to be front and centre, so here we are.

I taught my favourite class on Saturday, to a room full of fabulous students. The class is called Embracing the…

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Sketching and planning. The rest of this month is going to involve a BOATLOAD of crochet. #97/365 #yearofmaking #sketching #crochet
Well isn’t this nice to see! #spring  (at Camosun Bog)
Yesterday, I made nothing but notes. I did a bit of a debrief with myself on the shuttle to the airport, after two amazing classes at #craftcation14. Now, coffee, then all the work! 96/365 #yearofmaking