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Author of Make It Mighty Ugly, due out in fall 2014. Also, writer and editor, pusher of Mighty Ugly (the workshops), lover of nachos and summer camp.

This is hanging in his room now. Crafty funtimes with @juleslep today! 236/365 #yearofmaking #kidcrafts
Tiny crack is all that remains from the superheating last night. Phew! It’s certainly darkened a lot in colour, but who cares?! I’m going to make another small batch this week to experiment with putting it in the freezer. #soapmaking #soap #chemistry
I was shocked to realize it had been five months since I last made soap. Shocked I tell you. Tonight, @juleslep and I made cocoa butter honey soap, and seem to have applied solid lessons learned during my first attempt at honey soap a few months ago, which involved, shall we say, some runaway chemistry. I’m happy to be back in the soap-making saddle! Also, we did this while, three thousand miles away, my 20th high school reunion was going on. So we listened to a ’90s mix on Spotify. Obviously. 235/365 #yearofmaking #soapmaking #chemistry #diy
Another one bites the dust. 😞 #vanishingvancouver
Spent some time yesterday revisiting my honey soap recipe in preparation to make a huge batch today. The challenge: no superheating! The goal: book-tour hostess gifts! 234/365 #yearofmaking #soapmaking #notes #bulletjournal
This morning, I used Greg’s aunt’s ancient scale to see how much yarn I have left. It was a thing of beauty. (And it informed me that my scarf will be smaller than I want it to be. But I still love knitting it.) 233/365 #yearofmaking #yarn #knitting #scale #antique  (at Boston Logan International Airport)
So. This was about two minutes before I crashed it into the side of my parents’ house. They showed remarkable patience. Heh. #quadcopter #ibrokeit
On the first of two travel days, a quick mending of a raccoon tail this morning (appropriate after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy last night!). 232/365 #yearofmaking #mending #sewing
Seeing Guardians of the Galaxy tonight with Greg and my dad meant I have up the last chance I had to make something. So this is my quick and dirty journal entry from bed, where I intend to pass out any moment now. 231/365 #yearofmaking #guardiansofthegalaxy #iamgroot

Interview (& Reading) on The Interruption

Interview (& Reading) on The Interruption

Discover Canadian Books, Authors, Book Lists and More on 49thShelf.comeA couple of weeks ago, I had a chat with Sean Cranbury, who seems to be involved with almost everything related to books in Vancouver. He has a podcast called Books on the Radio, and has been collaborating with the Canadian book blog 49th Shelf to create a podcast called The Interruption.

In the interview, we talked about how Make It Mighty Uglycame to be, about the weekend when I pulled my hair…

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