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Author of Mighty Ugly, due out in fall 2014. Also, writer and editor, pusher of Mighty Ugly (the workshops), lover of nachos and summer camp.

The swatching goes on and on! Right now, while watching a kid play and a dog chill out and flower petals fall from our neighbour’s cherry tree. 111/365 #yearofmaking #crochet
More swatching! 110/365 #yearofmaking #crochet
You guys, Vancouver smells SO AMAZING this time of year. #happytobehome #igersvancouver (at Fraser River Park)
There was some in-flight swatching today. (Related: I love our bed so very much.) 109/365 #yearofmaking #crochet #swatch #wings
Here’s the capybara with its new owner! I loved every part of making it for her, but especially this hug and smile. #Repost from @melissafgold with @repostapp
I ❤️my giant rodent! Thank you, @kpwerker for making it. Huge hit!  #yearofmaking #capybara
Lest you think the capybara is wee. (Also, it’s done! And delivered! I hope its tiny recipient likes it. I sure enjoyed making it.) 108/365 #yearofmaking #knitting #giantrodent #capybara #crafts
Capybara ears, done. Tomorrow I’ll either figure out how to work short rows on dpns, or I’ll make modified legs for the capybara. Then I’ll assemble it! 107/365 #yearofmaking #knitting
So, this is exciting. ZOMG. #Repost from @sasquatchbooks with @repostapp
Gallons of galleys going out today! Here’s the delightful “Make It Mighty Ugly” by @kpwerker, on sale this September
Me and my dad, 1977. #tbt
The long-languishing capybara needs only the final small bits: a nose and ears and limbs! 106/365 #yearofmaking #knitting #giantrodent