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Author of Make It Mighty Ugly, due out in fall 2014. Also, writer and editor, pusher of Mighty Ugly (the workshops), lover of nachos and summer camp.

Holy @goodreads newsletter, Batman! #books #mightyugly #nonfiction #augustreleases #newreleases #reading
What in tarnation is growing in my houseplant?! #fungus #mushroom #help
Listening to @meigsotoole’s podcast with @sublimestitching and casting on to make a toque. (Pretty sure my gauge is way off and I’ll end up ripping it out and starting over. But whatever. It’s fun!) 210/365 #yearofmaking #knitting #wool

Books Are Real, Smithsonian Event, San Francisco Workshop

I got my author copies of Make It Mighty Ugly AND tickets for our tour event at the Smithsonian were released. MORE:

Kids, shit’s getting real.

Yesterday I received a box of books. My books. The books I wrote. When I first saw a galley copy several months ago, I cried. When the box of final copies arrived yesterday, I had no idea what to do with myself. I still haven’t done anything with myself. It’s just too much.

I gave Owen a copy of the book. Naturally, I encouraged him to draw in it. He's really into writing his name, copying it from what I write.

I gave Owen a copy of the book. Naturally, I encouraged him to draw in it. He’s really into…

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After many months of explaining to Owen that I wrote an orange book and dedicated it to him, he finally got a copy today. And so we scribbled in it. Obviously. (He’s very interested in writing his name, these days, and asks me to write it [upside down if necessary] so he can copy it.) 209/365 #yearofmaking #mightyugly #book #demons #mybookisreal #holyshitmybookisreal
Ferry shenanigans! (On Friday.) #latergram #campershenanigans  (at Queen Of New Westminster Ferry)
We stopped at an apiary/meadery on our way home from camping today, and I bought a couple of skeins of yarn spun from the wool of the few sheep they keep (we also bought honey, obviously, and tasting some surprisingly delicious mead). I’m going to make camping toques for Greg and Owen! 207/365 #yearofmaking #wool #knitting
Yesterday, I sat on the beach for a while with pen and paper. It was restorative, to say the least! 207/365 #yearofmaking #doodle #sketchbook #pen #frenchbeach #explorebc #beautifulbc #vancouverisland #beach #driftwood #vscocam (at French Beach Provincial Park)
Back from a no-cell-service weekend camping at the most gorgeous place ever, with wonderful friends and beautiful weather. Fun times! #explorebc #campershenanigans  (at French Beach Provincial Park)
I get by with a little help from my friends. #dinosaur #knitting #bcferries  (at Queen Of New Westminster Ferry)