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Author of Make It Mighty Ugly, due out in fall 2014. Also, writer and editor, pusher of Mighty Ugly (the workshops), lover of nachos and summer camp.

I had just under 5oz of palm oil left and I’m not going to use palm oil in my soaps anymore (this was the only container of it I’ve bought), so I formulated a batch of soap around using up every last bit of it (it was less than you’d normally use). So this isn’t part of my experimentation, but I used it as an opportunity to do things I’ve never done before: namely, use colourant, and mix two colours. I coloured around 2/3 of the batch purple, and poured that into the mould first. Then I added the uncoloured part (greenish tint visible here due to small amount of hempseed oil) on top, and I used a metal chopstick to swirl it around. I have no idea what it’ll look like. Exciting! And, obviously, I used lavender essential oil for scent and topped it off with some dried lavender. Will it be lovely? A disaster? I’ll cut it tomorrow evening, so stay tuned! 244/365 #yearofmaking #soap #soapmaking #lavender #diy
Taking advantage of a rare opportunity to knit while everyone else plays (or, in the case of the dog, has a nap). 243/365 #yearofmaking #knitting #gaenor #lego #cleodog
Fall is coming. #soexcited #bringit #vscocam (at Camosun Bog)
Today’s DIY experiment: hair wax for Greg. Beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter, with some benzoin essential oil to cut the smell (the only scent he’d agree to, and it’s quite lovely). 242/365 #yearofmaking #goddamnedapothecary #diy
All the making we get today is a 3-second scribble in my bullet journal after an afternoon/early evening at the doctor’s for the little dude. Sigh. 241/365 #yearofmaking #bulletjournal
Today’s making involved dumping a couple things together. Let’s see how my face likes you, argan oil. #goddamnedapothecary 240/365 #yearofmaking

Taking a Stab at Art Journaling

I took a stab at art journaling, and I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. Who knew?! Blogged:

We spent the middle couple of weeks of this month visiting a ton of family back east, and I used the opportunity to try out art journaling. I brought my knitting with me, but I wanted to have a new kind of activity to escape into when I needed a break, and also I’m sort of amused that I’ve become a person who takes a sketchbook when I travel (see).

So I signed up for this new class on CreativeBug.

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My mom won Throwback Thursday when she@posted this in Facebook this morning, amiright? It’s from my brother’s Bar Mitzvah. 1993! #tbt
In the light of day, I see this soap is just FINE. Yippee! Check out the mod-style gelling in the centre of the bars. That’s to do with the temperature during saponification. It’s not required, but does result in harder bars. Ok, enough soap photos for a whole, eh? #soap #soapmaking
So, here we have the (irresponsible) soap experiment from yesterday. I attribute the colour partly to hempseed oil (which is very dark and sorta greenish) and partly to honey and the superheating (soap people, am I right about the hempseed oil? I know the honey and heat will darken soap). It’s a very wet(ish) soap, which I think has to do with the other part of the experiment, which was my decision not to use palm oil. Instead, I used olive oil for 45% of the fats, and I know olive oil soaps can take an exceptionally long time to cure. Soap people, is this why the soap sweated more than I’ve seen while in the mould? Aside from the softness of it, nothing seems unusual to me about it, so I’m guardedly optimistic. Until you knowledgeable folks school me otherwise! 239/365 #yearofmaking #soap #soapmaking #chemistry!